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Zhongji Equipment attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture. After years of accumulation and practice, it has refined a unique core concept, formulated an outline for the development of enterprise culture, determined a five-year plan for the construction of enterprise culture, and launched and implemented the construction of "six cultural connotations". Formulate the implementation plan for the construction of six major cultural connotations, constantly carry out the concept integration, system improvement, carrier building, activity development, etc., implement the construction of six major brands of "innovation culture, safety culture, management culture, implementation culture, gratitude culture, craftsman culture", compile and print the company's Innovation Culture Manual, Safety Culture Manual, Management Culture Manual, Implementation Culture Manual, Thanksgiving Culture Manual The Craftsman Culture Manual” has established a system of "six cultural brands" with international characteristics. Corporate culture has become a booster for the enterprise to take off.

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The logo is red and blue. Red symbolizes the enterprise spirit of enthusiasm, enthusiasm and solidarity. Blue represents that the enterprise is a high-tech machinery manufacturing company. The shape of the logo is derived from the "middle" of "Zhongji", and it is also the shape of the rotor in the motor, implying "Zhongji electrician" and implying that it is related to the motor manufacturing industry. The logo is made up of two blue blocks, which symbolizes the faith of sincere unity and joint creation within the enterprise; The red block in the middle is like a rising arrow, which represents the enterprise's ambition to constantly innovate, dare to surpass and move from China to the world as a high-tech enterprise.



Text definition: Chinese: Center, China. International: international, space. 

Logo composition: four identical dark blue color blocks, centering on the Red Heart Garden, converge closely in its east, south, west and north directions to form a pattern representative full of integration and integration of ideas, stability and variety. 

Representative of Red-heart Garden: the core of leadership 

Four identical dark blue color blocks represent: financial information technology talents.

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