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In the course of 30 years of development, we have formed our own unique corporate culture, with the enterprise spirit of "adding glory to the country, creating a world level bravely; serving sincerely, willing to fly with users", the employment strategy of "people-oriented, experts in every position are talents", and the purpose of "being brave to innovate and constantly surpass". There is a management principle of "fine management, pursuit of excellence". At the same time, the core connotation of the "Zhongji" trademark is that our company is the first in China, and the concept of "from China to the world" has infiltrated into the heart of every employee, and has been recognized by customers. These concepts have guaranteed the stable and healthy development of the enterprise, won customers, and won the understanding and support of all social parties. They are our extremely valuable spiritual wealth, which needs further improvement.

After 30 years of experience, Zhongji Equipment has outstanding experts in motor manufacturing in China. Through more than 30 years of accumulation and technology accumulation, it has a strong R&D capability. That is, we fully understand the development trend of motors at home and abroad, the new technology of motor manufacturing, and the particularity, uniqueness, and complexity of motor manufacturing equipment. To put it simply, we are an important domestic enterprise that provides motor manufacturers with overall solutions for the production of small and medium-sized motor windings. There are many process characteristics, technical know-how, and technical problems, There are even unique methods and experiences that are difficult to summarize systematically. Therefore, this industry has a high technical barrier. It took us 20 years to learn this unique skill. In particular, over the past nine years of strategic cooperation with German ES, the company has benefited a lot. We have absorbed the world's advanced motor manufacturing technology and learned the German's rigorous and meticulous work style. The technological level, product quality and awareness of international equipment have been improved. In particular, the manufacturing technology of household electrical appliances and new energy motor production equipment is at an advanced level in the industry, It has become the main growth point of enterprise performance in recent years.


We have cultivated a team of employees with high quality who are good at fighting hard battles and can win. It takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to grow people. Talent is the most important resource and productivity of an enterprise. For many years, the introduction and training of talents has always been the top priority of the enterprise's various work. It depends on the level and ability. As long as there is genuine talent and practical learning, it will provide a stage for them to display their talents and let them fully develop. At present, we have excellent technical experts in the field of motor winding production and manufacturing in China, and we have a group of "blue collar workers" with superb technology and high operating skills.

After more than 30 years of development, we have a good reputation, which is a precious resource of the enterprise. It cannot be measured with money, and it is an invisible competitiveness. This is reflected in the gold lettered signboards of the State Council's special allowance recipients, national high-tech enterprises, Shandong Provincial Technology Center, Shandong Province's famous trademarks, Shandong Province's famous brand products, AAA financial credit enterprises, standing director units of the China Industrial and Commercial Council, the top 100 private enterprises in Yantai City, and the top ten private enterprises in Longkou City. It is also reflected in the fact that we have known many customers from acquaintance to acquaintance, and then to close ties after decades of cooperation, The establishment of a "integrity and win-win" strategic partnership has enabled us to have a market share of more than 60%, which is also reflected in our good development environment, including government relations, community relations, customer relations, supplier relations, financial industry relations, employee relations, etc., which are at a good stage in history, enabling us to effectively integrate resources and devote ourselves to development.


The enterprise has begun to take shape and has strong economic strength. It has created the first listed company in the industry. It has outstanding advantages in brand, capital, human resources, equipment and facilities, and has the foundation for extraordinary development.

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