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Shandong Zhongji Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTd.

Founded in 1987, our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in independent R&D and production of complete sets of CNC equipment for motor winding manufacturing. Over the past 30 years, Zhongji Equipment has been acting as a pioneer in the industry, adhering to the development concept of "establishing a business with science and technology, creating a strong innovation", relying on independent innovation, now it has developed into a strong domestic motor winding manufacturing overall solution provider.


The company has successively accomplished more than 21 research projects such as Spark Plan, Torch Plan "Promotion" project and others given by the province and the ministry and has won 27 items of State-level new product plan, conducting or participating in establishment of national and industry standards for10 items, Won 21 items national and provincial science and technology progress awards; has 103items of  valid authorized patents, including 33 invention patents. Based on outstanding technological research and development capabilities, the company has successively obtained the qualifications of innovative research and development platforms such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center", "Shandong Electrician Special Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Postdoctoral Research Workstation".


In April 2012, our company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and successfully landed on the capital market with the stock code 300308. In March 2013, our company and ES company of German carried out a strategic cooperation, which opened up the company's development on the international stage. The space allows our company to maintain its innovative vitality forever. Our company actively promotes the development and market promotion of new energy automobile motor winding manufacturing equipment and high-efficiency & energy-saving motor winding equipment, continuously improves the technical content and automation of the equipment production line, and promotes the development of the domestic motor manufacturing industry toward high-end & intelligent development. It provides a solid equipment foundation for the development of the industry to move towards German Industry 4.0.


Chairman's speech

Thirty year’s journey with winds and rains, Thirty year’s as songs.


ZHONGJI EQUIPMENT, has had its development since it first manufactured the complete equipment of motor stator coils assembly in the year 1987of China, adhere to science and technology career, with a firm belief of dedication and effort to concentrate on the industry’s cultivation development, it is marching forward into long aspiration through hard creation.


We thank for the great age, we appreciate the support and help of our colleagues of our industry and the various circles of society, it is for your support and care, Zhongji Equipment has the achievement and confidence today, the forward steps of Zhongji Equipment is more solid and strong.


Zhongji Equipment is in the position of new development beginning, and at the same time it feels with broader responsibility. We will dare to undertake the mission and

unswervingly contribute our strength to establish a energy-saving, development-oriented society, to offer dedicated strength for customer’s upper career in China and the whole world. To provide with innovation thinking and quality products is our total solution.


Our company is adjusting transformation constantly in service innovation, establishing a strategic partnership with our customers, achieving win-win situation hand in hand will be the new principle in customers serving, cooperative development of the future.


We are looking forward to travelling the new journey together with you, and sharing tomorrow in the future!

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