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Technological innovation

Technological innovation

The predecessor of Zhongji Equipment, Longkou Zhenhua Electrical Special Equipment Factory, was founded in 1987. Because of the unique and complex process of the motor winding assembly production line and the requirements of electromechanical integration, it was a blank in China at that time. Only Germany, Italy and other developed countries could produce it, but the price was expensive, and domestic enterprises could not afford it. Without motor production equipment, the motors needed for manufacturing electrical appliances can only be imported from abroad, and a large amount of foreign exchange has been lost in vain. Later, the Ministry of Machinery Industry of the People's Republic of China listed this project as a key project for national bidding. Wang Weixiu, who was keenly aware of the business opportunities, seized this opportunity. After the successful bidding, he led technicians to tackle key problems day and night. With no data to learn from and no direct investigation and learning conditions, he started from scratch and overcame many difficulties. He successfully developed a mechanized assembly line for washing machine motors. He passed the ministerial appraisal in 1989 and won the third prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1991, Therefore, the enterprise has also been determined as the designated product unit of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. This product can completely replace imported products, but its price is only one fourth of that of imported products. Domestic motor manufacturing has achieved a leap from manual production to mechanized production.


Since then, for more than 30 years, the enterprise has been committed to "serving the country, daring to be the first, and taking the revitalization of national industry as its own responsibility". Over the years, the enterprise has adhered to the path of independent innovation, making innovation the wings of the enterprise. Zhongji Equipment has undertaken and completed 21 national, provincial and ministerial "Spark", "Torch" and "Promotion" programs, 27 national key new product programs, presided over and participated in drafting 10 national and industrial standards, and won 21 national, provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards; It has 103 valid patents, including 33 invention patents. Based on its outstanding technology research and development capabilities, Zhongji Equipment has successively obtained the qualifications of innovation research and development platforms such as "National High tech Enterprise", "National Certified Enterprise Technology Center", "Shandong Electrical Special Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Postdoctoral Research Workstation".


In March 2013, China International Equipment Co., Ltd. conducted strategic cooperation with German ES Company. Over the nine years of cooperation, Zhongji Equipment has absorbed the world's advanced motor manufacturing technology, learned the German's rigorous and meticulous work style, and the company's technological level, product quality and awareness have been improved qualitatively. The company actively promotes the development and market promotion of new energy automobile motor winding manufacturing equipment and high-efficient energy-saving motor winding equipment, constantly improves the technical content and automation degree of equipment product production line, promotes the domestic motor manufacturing industry to develop towards the high-end and intelligent direction of high-efficient and energy-saving, and provides a solid equipment foundation for the overall industry development to be in line with German Industry 4.0.

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