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06 2021-05
ZJ Equipment employees Wang Jin and Wang Dongming were honored as "Yantai Craftsman" and "Longkou Craftsman" respectively.
In order to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and promote the reform of worker team building in the new era, Yantai City held a grand conference to celebrate May Day International Labor Day, where ZJ Equipment employees Wang Jin and Wang Dongming were awarded the honorary titles of "Yantai Craftsman" and "Longkou Craftsman" respectively. The honorary title of "Yantai Craftsman" and "Longkou Craftsman" was awarded to ZJ Equipment employees Wang Jin and Wang Dongming, respectively, which fully demonstrated the spirit of craftsmen.
05 2020-11
ZJ Equipment at the 25th China (International) Small Motor Technology Seminar and Exhibition
The 25th China (International) Small Motor Technology Symposium and Exhibition was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from November 2-4. ZJ Equipment was invited to participate in this exhibition by the general manager.
28 2020-10
Zhongji Equipment held an outsourcing sub-supplier meeting
At 10 o'clock in the morning on October 25, 2020, Zhongji Equipment held the “2020 Outsourcing sub-supplier Meeting” in the conference room of the Manufacturing Center. Executive Vice President Wang Cesheng, Deputy General Manager Zhang Wenjie and other company leaders and heads of various business departments participated in the meeting. 11 qualified outsourcing sub-supplier manufacturers attended the meeting.
19 2020-10
Visiting the Party Service Center and Cohesion Innovation Development
In order to comprehensively promote the construction of the Party organization of Zhongji Equipment, innovate the ideas of party building work, and improve the level of party building work, on October 10, 2020, the Party Branch of Zhongji Equipment organized preparatory party members and newly recruited college students to go to the Party and mass Service Center of the Liangxin Organization in Longkou City to carry out an organizational life with the theme of “Building a solid foundation and sticking to the mission”.

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The company actively promotes the development and market promotion of new energy automobile motor winding manufacturing equipment and high-efficient energy-saving motor winding equipment, constantly improves the technical content and automation degree of equipment product production line, promotes the domestic motor manufacturing industry to develop towards the high-end and intelligent direction of high-efficient and energy-saving, and provides a solid equipment foundation for the overall industry development to be in line with German Industry 4.0.

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