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It is with horzontial structure, equipped with auto rotor clamping,auto cutting,auto change-over for double station of interior hole and turning centers, with the functions of auto unloading,auto chip removal,it is adaptable for rotor core's former inner hole and excircle's lathe finishing to home appliance motor, auto motor, and small industry motor before axial compression. This kind of machine is driven by servo motor which is used in mechanical transmission,main spindle
rotation,main spindle feeding,and tool-head feeding,comprehensively controlled by CNC systems, main spindle rotation and feeding speed can be setted up according to our needs.
The machine is featured by easy operation,linkage interlock protection,high automation degree and high working efficiency.
Adaptable max outer ida.of rotor core ф100mm
Adaptable min outer ida.of rotor core ф12mm
Adaptable max stack heigt of rotor core 80mm(small core inner diameter reduced accordingly)
Tact Time ≤40sec/parts(it varys according to the core size)
Same spindle degree for inner/outer dia. ≤0.02mm
Power Source Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
Power 16KW
Air Pressure supply 0.6-1MPa
Weight 3180kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1460×2600×1750mm
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