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The automatic shaper is in hydraulic mechanism transmission and with PLC integrated control.Adopting the internal and external collecting mechanism,it can shape the inner diameter, outer diameter and end height of stator end coils only once after intermediate shaping and banding.Equipped with protective device,it will play important in the protection of end slot insulation,at the same time,Z4W5-4027 type shaper is equipped with auto driving and reversing mechanism for stator loading and unloading.
The machine has the advantage of convenient operation,reliable working,high degree of automation and high efficiency,etc.
Max.Stator Outter Dia. ф315
Apaption Stator Stack Height 140mm-320mm
Tact Time ≤40sec/parts
Power Source Three-phase four-wire380V50HZ
Power 5KW
Weight 3180kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1960×3030×1600mm
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