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The single-end automatic banding machine with a horizontally placed stator adopts the integrated control of machinery, pressure transmission,AC servo, frequency converter and pneumatic systems,comprehensively controlled by motion controller, and servodriven by needles and cord nozzle,it can finish automatic skip lacing according to different stack height,
with high degree of automation,it will automatically complete stack adjustment, zero resetting,stator banding,division,hooking trimming,etc.The form of banding is diamond knotting design.
With application of touching man-machine interface, it has such functions as status display,fault alarm,various parameter settings,etc. It is adapted for various medium sized motor which is banding on both two ends,featured by easy operation,high banding quality,easy mould replacement, etc.

Max Outer Dia.Of Stator ф360mm
Min Inner Dia. Of Stator ф80mm
Stator Stack Height 40-360mm
Stator Slots 16-48slot
Stator End height 20-80mm
Max Tact Time 0.5s/slot
Power Source Three-phase380V 50HZ
Power 7.5KW
Air Supply 0.6-1.0Mpa
Weight 1400Kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1900*1560*1712KG

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