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This kind of machine is stator horzontial inserting machine, is made up of inserting and wedge production. Inserting:It employs mechanical and pneumatic transmission system,an AC servo motor driven system,and a PLC integrated control system to finish the functions of stator auto compressing,wire pushing,mechanism driving and reversing,wedge paper protection,at the same time, it can achieve station exchange, wire hanging,stator installation and dismounting by slidding table. With man-machine interface, it's endowed with the functions of failure display,
failure warning and various parameter setting, etc. and has the advantage of high automation degree and efficiency, easy operation and reliable working.

Max.Stator Stack Height 240mm
Adaptation Stator Outer Dia. ф130-ф210mm
Adaptation Stator Inner Dia. 24-72
Power Source Three-phase380V50Hz
Power 4KW
Air Supply 0.6-1MPa
Weight 2350kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 2025×1385×1450mm
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