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The KZ series of inserting machine is a multi-station combination machine which has the function of inserting and expanding shaping,it adopts a pneumatic system,an AC servo-control system,an AC frequency conversion speed regulating system,a motion control system and a comprehensive control system to finish the functions of slot wedge auto feeding,cutting forming,wedge magazine and inserting head division,wedge pushing into inserting head to
achieve auto inserting and auto compressing coils inside the slot, expanding and shaping the ends of the inner hole,consequently finishing switching by high accuracy removal of sliding table. It sets up auto compression,wedge insulation paper protection,with man-machine interface,it's endowed with the functions of failure display, failure warning and various parameter setting,etc.
The advantage of machine is with high automation degree and efficiency, easy operation and reliable working,it can be widely used in manufacturing three phase of air conditioner, home appliance and industry small motor by changing partical spare parts.

Parameter KZ1-3221(KX7-3230) KZ2-3221(KX7-3230)
Max.Stator Stack Height 320mm 320mm
Adaptation Stator Inner Dia. ф130-ф210mm ф130-ф210mm
Adaptation Slot 24-72 24-72
Coil Expansion Station Number 3 2
Power Source Three-phase380V50Hz Three-phase380V50Hz
Power 8.7KW 8.7KW
Air Supply 0.6-1MPa 0.6-1MPa
Weight 8500kg 7000kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 3890×3860×2830mm 3890×3200×2830mm
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