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RNL series needle winding machine is vertical structure, comprehensive controlled by mechanical system,pneumatic system,oil lubricating system,AC servo system,motion control system,wind coils onto stator core automatically.
The machine is equipped with man-machine interface, it can automatically complete the operations such as the functions of traversing,stack adjustment, status display, failure warning and various parameter settings, etc. It is featured by high degree of automation,easy operation and wide suitability.
It is suitable for stator winding and inserting (copper wire, aluminium wire) of series machine motor, brushless motor, stepper motor.

Parameter RNL2-1305 RNL1-1210 RNL3-1305 RNL4-1305
Adaptable poles ≥4 ≥4 ≥4 ≥4
Max Winding Speed 1260rpm 1200rpm 1200rpm 700rpm
Cord Pendulum Angle 0-90° 0-180° 0-90° 0-180°
Suitable Stack Height 0-89mm 0-159mm 0-184mm 0-260mm
Stator Inner dia 5-114mm 9.5-152mm 9.5-152mm 9.5-152mm
Stator Outer dia 25-203mm 25-203mm 25-203mm 25-203mm
Suitable Wire Dia(mm) 0.079-0.643 0.127-1.45 0.127-1.45 0.127-1.628
Main Spindle(Number) 1 1or2 1or2 1
Needle(Cord) 1-3 1-6 1-6 1-3
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