• product name: Z4L5-4022 Z4L5-4016
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The automatic shaper is in hydraulic transmission and electric integrated control.Adopting the internal expanding and external expanding and external contracting mechanism,it can shape the inner diameter, outer diameter and end height of stator end coils only once after binding.
Equipped with automatic driving and reversing mechanism for stator stations,it is easy to operate.
Parameter Z4L5-4022 Z4L5-4016
Stator Lamination Thickness 20-120mm 20-130mm
Min.Internal Diameter of Stator 50mm 45mm
Max.External Diameter of Stator 220mm 160mm
Power Source Three-phase four-wire380V50Hz 三相四线380V50Hz
Power 4kw 4KW
Tact Time ≤25sec/knot ≤20sec/knot
Weight 1600kg 1420kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1739*1100*2548 mm 1460*1081*2203 mm
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