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The single-end automatic banding machine with a horizontally placed stator adopts the integrated control of machinery,pressure transmission,AC servo,frequency converter and PLC,
equipped with manual stator loading and unloading bracket to facilitate the operation of large stators.With application of touching man-machine interface,it has such functions as status display, fault alarm and,various parameter settings,etc.,with features of easy operation,high banding quality and,easy mold replacement, etc.

Parameter B1W8-8040
Min.Internal Diameter of Stator 80mm
Max.External Diameter of Stator 260mm
Stator Lamination Thickness 40-160mm
Stator Slots 24-48slot
Stator End height 25-60(custom)
Power Source Single-phase220V50Hz
Powe 2.5kw
Maximum Lacing Speed 0.8sec/knot
Pressure of Air Supply 0.6-1mpa
Weight 1350kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1290*1200*1830 mm
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