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The double-end automatic banding machine with a vertically placed stator adopts machinery transmission system,AC servo system (3-axis),pneumatic system,etc.,controlled by a programmable integrated controller. It can automatically complete zero resetting,high-speed stator banding,division,hook trimming,etc.With application of touching man machine inter-
face,it has such functions as status display, fault alarm,various parameter settings,etc.,featured by easy operation,high banding quality,easy mold replacement, etc.
B2L9-4525A has a turntable.B2L8-4525 has a slide table.

Parameter B2L9-4525A B2L8-4525
Min.Internal Diameter of Stator 45 mm 45 mm
Max.External Diameter of Stator 160 mm 160 mm
Stator Lamination Thickness 25-130mm 25-130mm
Stator Slots 16-48Trough 16-48Trough
Stator End height 15-60(Custom) 15-60(Custom)
Power Source Three-phase four-wire380V50HZ Three-phase four-wire380V50HZ
Power 5kw 5kw
Maximum Lacing Speed 0.3S/knot 0.3S/knot
Pressure of Air Supply 0.6-1mpa 0.6-1mpa
Weight 1500kg 1400kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1920*1007*2170 mm 1775*857*2170 mm
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