Enterprise mission: Contributing to society, serving the country worthily and prospering corporation
Enterprise vision: Focuing on high-end equipment manufacturing industry development that based on electronic equipments, creating the best brand in international industry sector.
Enterprise spirit: working together with one heart, to be creative and powerful.
core value: striving for excellence with innovation beyond
Enterprise style: efficient and pragmatic, diligent and rapid, dedicated and rigorous
Enterprise Slogan:
1)for future life, do now
2)Zhongji’s goal, to gain international
3)Zhongji Equipment, equips internation.
4)has science and technology businesses, to be creative and powerful, provides world motor development with equipment and support
5)taking “industry serve the country, service the society” as practice objective of Zhongji
6) “Daring to break out with innovation beyond” is unremitting career of Zhongji
In 2010, Shandong University held opening ceremony of the curricula of graduate student that set up by our company Group photos of judges and contestants in 2011 Karaoke grand prix Opening ceremony of Yantai Professional School Zhongji order class in 2011 Affectionate elocnte: Zhongji ode
Company’s float took part in citywide yangko demonstration The march-in ceremony of second “Zhongji Cup” famers’ sports meeting that organized by our company Company called on the staff to take part in love donation activities Company chorus participated in performances of celebrating the "July 1
Fascinating show of company chorus Vital hip-hop of company’s new generation Festive lantern that made by company displayed in the city Factory’s 20th anniversary assembly room
Address from chairman of board at factory’s 25th anniversary celebration All cultural troupe singers attended and celebrated at factory’s 25th anniversary celebration Factory’s 25th anniversary celebration enjoyed a warm and solemn atmosphere Elocnte: Zhongji, I am proud of you
President Wang taught classes in Yantai Professional School Tribute to all meritorious statesmen in Zhongji Write a play and act it out by staffs: Today is a great day Professional groups demonstrated their talents at 25th anniversary celebration